Navigating the Outlook Calendar web version

1. New Event

Use the New Event button to create new meetings and appointments in your Calendar.

2. Your Calendar

Calendar will be your personal work calendar. You can create more calendars under My Calendars for specific projects or purposes. You can also view multiple calendars at once by selecting multiple calendars on the left folder pane. 

3. Open your Calendar

The calendar icon at the bottom of the page is the button you can use to open your calendar from any place in OWA. 

4. Date Range

The date is displayed at the top of the calendar here. You can you the drop-down arrow to change the date range.

You can also use the arrow functions to change the week/month. 

5. Calendar Event

You can click the Calendar event to view more details. If you right-click the event you will see more options such as edit, charm, show as, categorize, duplicate and delete.

6. Calendar View

Like the Outlook Desktop app, you can view your Outlook Calendar in the Day, Work week, Week and Month view. You can use the drop-down arrow here to change the view.

7. Settings