This guide explains how to sync SharePoint document libraries so they can be accessed directly from File Explorer. 

Log into the Office 365 portal with your Office 365 account credentials.



Select SharePoint from the Office 365 application menu on the left-hand side.  



Open the SharePoint site you wish to sync.




Click on Documents and select the Sync button.



You will then get a notification that the library is getting ready to sync and you’ll be prompted to open OneDrive. Select Open Microsoft OneDrive



Next, you’ll may be prompted to set up OneDrive. If so, enter your email address and click Sign in. Then enter your password and click Next



You'll get a pop up notification when the document library has been synced. 

Open file explorer on your computer. 

You will see a new folder with your company name. Here you will find the folders and files saved in SharePoint.

It's important to remember that whether you are opening a file from SharePoint Online, Teams or locally on your computer, you will always be opening the same, most up-to-date version. The OneDrive sync will keep updating the files you have synced down to your computer, and changes you make to them will sync back up to SharePoint. 

Be mindful if you want to delete documents. If you delete a file from your computer that has been synced, you will also be deleting it from your Company's SharePoint site.