To place a call on hold on one device and pick it up from another device, is also known as parking a call.

For example, you could pick up a call with your desk phone, then park the call, move to the baordroom or conference phone and pick up the call there to resume it using another device.  

Or if you took a call through the Teams mobile app, but needed to share your desktop screen, you could park the call and pick it up through Teams on your desktop. 

To park a call, click More actions More options button in your call window and select Call park Call park .

After you park the call, Teams will give you a unique code you can use to retrieve the call. If someone else is retrieving the call, copy the code and share it with them.

To retrieve a parked call, go to the speed dial tab, click Unpark Call park , and enter the park code.

If no one picks up a parked call within 5 minutes, it’ll ring again.