This module describes how to create a new user within the Lucidity Cloud Control Panel. 

At end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Create a new user 

  • Assign a user to a Location within your organization

  • Set and reset the user’s password

  • Add multiple email addresses to an user

After a user has been created, you will be able to add different services to the user account - refer to  WIP

note - All users you create may incur charges based on the services you have.
If you need to delete a user - please contact Lucidity Support.

  • To create a new user, log in with your account to Lucidity Cloud Control Panel - located at

  • Navigate to the “Users” at the top of the screen

  • Select “New User” at the top of the Users menu, you will then see the required fields popup to create your user. You need to fill out all of the fields with the * symbol next to them.

    To choose a differing domain to what you see first, for example the default for me is “” but I might want to use “” - You can select the dropdown to select other domains that have been configured to your organization. If the required domain does not appear in the dropdown, contact Lucidity Support.

  • Once you have filled out the “UPN” Field it will automatically generate the “Username” field. The Username is the unique id for the user and is used by Lucidity to configure services to the user account. Once the user is created, the username cannot be changed. Any changes to the username, after user has been created and provisioned with services may incur a charge. 

  • Fill out the “First Name”, “Last Name” and “Display Name” fields

  • Click on Additional User Properties to assign the user to a Location 


Lucidity can produce multiple invoices for an organization if required by using Locations. 

A user is assigned to Location and all of their services will be invoiced to the Location’s invoice

Multiple Locations can exist for a organization. If only one Location exists, the user will be assigned to this location by default.

  • Select the required Location from the dropdown

  •  Under Additional User Properties you can add other essential information regarding the person's job within your organization.

Exclude from Billing
A user account can be excluded from Lucidity’s billing. Customers are only allowed one non-billable user per organization for testing and Lucidity performs a monthly audit of all non-billable users.

This setting excludes Microsoft Online licensing as this will be charged if it is being consumed by a non-billable user.

Configure a new password

  • Once you have set up all of the user attributes, you can now add the password that will be used for the user. The user will be asked to change their password when they first logon

      As per our security requirements, it must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be a minimum of 8 characters long

  2. Must contain 3 of the following 4 character types:

    1. Lower Case (eg lower case)

    2. Upper Case (eg UPPER CASE)

    3. Numbers (eg 1, 2, 3)

    4. Symbols (eg @, $, !)

      The user will be asked to reset their password every 90 days

  • The final step in User Creation is configuring the email address(es) for the user. This will not create an email account for the user but the email addresses configured here will be passed through as mail aliases when the user is provisioned with Microsoft Online service

      If no email address is specified, the panel will automatically use the UPN as the primary email address

      Multiple email addresses can be configured here. Only one email address can be marked as Primary

  • Select “Add” to enter an email address

    Below is an example of multiple email addresses assigned to an user

  • Selecting “Edit” will allow you to update/change the email address. You can set this to any domain that has been added to your organisation. If the required domain is not listed in the dropdown, contact Lucidity Support to get it added

  • To save your changes and create the new user, click on Provision. This will create the user in the Lucidity Cloud Control Panel, enabling you to add Lucidity services to the user, such as Lucidity 365, Microsoft Online and Managed Desktop

The Control Panel will take you to the User Service page.

Since each service option has many different configuration options typically with a financial impact, please don't provision services without having prior knowledge to what you are configuring. If you are unsure of any step in provisioning a service please contact your Lucidity Support Desk.