The new start menu has been designed to be as simple and quick to use as possible. Most applications live in the main list, categorised by the letter they start with.

To quickly jump to a certain letter in the alphabet, you can click on one of the letter categories to bring up an alphabetic view where letters that have applications under them are highlighted in white. Clicking on one of these letters takes you straight to that part of the start menu.

Eg: clicking on the first letter A shows the alphabet view. Then clicking on P takes you straight to the programs that start with P.

If you use a particular application a lot, you can choose to 'pin' the application to the start menu as a large icon, or pin to the task bar at the bottom of the screen. To do this, you right-click on the icon and a menu pops up with options. If you want to pin the application as a 'start-menu tile' to the start menu, choose the Pin to Start option.

This will create a tile icon that is always visible on the extended start menu (to the right of the normal start menu). You can pin multiple applications in this way to make accessing your applications easier. Once you pin your first tile icon, the start menu will become larger to accommodate the new tile icons.

You can also pin applications to the task bar at the bottom of your screen.  Right click on an application in the start menu, select the More > menu and then choose Pin to taskbar.

A shortcut to the application will now be permanently placed on your task bar for easy access.

There is a new button on the task bar in Managed Desktop 2017 next to the search button.

Clicking on this button shows a view of all the applications you have open so you can quickly jump to the window you want to.