With all the software options available these days, quite often different applications can open different types of files. For example, Adobe PDF documents can be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader or in Internet Explorer. There are three main web browsers available and different people have different choices around which one they prefer to use to browse internet pages. Some software will only work in a particular web browser and not others.

Historically, setting which application opens what file type or web page is something that Lucidity Support engineers have had to do in the background. With Managed Desktop 2017, users can now select their open preferred applications to work with the files they use.

Click on the Start Menu and open Default Programs. A window pops up and you can choose whether to set your default programs or open a specific file type with a specific application.

For example, let us say you want to make sure that Google Chrome is your preferred web browser.

Click on Set your default programs from the above options. When the list of applications comes up, click on Google Chrome, and you will see how many document types the application is associated with. Click on the Set this program as default option and this will ensure Chrome is set to open all types of web pages from now on.

You can also set specific applications to open specific file types. For example, you may wish to ensure all JPG files are opened with Windows Picture Viewer. Click on the Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program option. From the window that opens, scroll down to .JPG, highlight the file type and then press the Change program… button.

A window will pop up showing you the different applications that can open this type of file. Choose say, Windows Photo Viewer and then press OK.

From now on, all JPG files will open using Windows Photo Viewer by default. You can however still right click on a file and choose the Open With… option to bring up a similar menu where you can choose which application to open the selected file.