Managed Desktop 2017 includes a new Printer Control Panel and printer management system to give the end user full control over which printers they have available to their session.   You will notice a new system tray icon down by the clock in your Managed Desktop session. A printer icon with a green + icon overlay.

You can access the Printer Control Panel by clicking on the icon at any time.

Clicking on the icon will launch your web browser where you can see your office's site locations and available printers.   Expand the tree in the left hand column to see all locations in your company (if your company has multiple office locations).

Depending on the size of your office and the number of printers in the business, you may see a visual floor plan of your office illustrating where the printers are physically located.  Under the floor plan, you will see a list of printers at that site location. If you only have a small number of printers or your administrator has chosen not to use a floor plan, you will just see the list of printers without the diagram.

Example of printer layout using a floor plan map:

Example without a floor plan map:

You can mouse over a printer on the map or in the list and choose to Install if printer if it is not already assigned to you. After clicking on the Install Printer button, a confirmation prompt pops up, click Yes to install the printer in to your session. You can also choose whether this printer becomes your default printer.

You will see a box pop up showing the progress of the printer installation. The installation can take 30-60 seconds to complete.

Once the printer is installed in your session, click OK to dismiss the notification.

To see a list of available printers, you can right click on the Printer icon in the system tray and then select View Installed Printers…

This will bring up the list of printers available to your session where you can see the print queues, status of the printers and number of jobs in the queues.