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Details how to move content from your local machine to your Managed Desktop documents folder

Trigger Event 

When you have files on your local machine that needs to be stored or accessed in Managed Desktop.


These are the steps involved:


Please call the support desk to get Local Drive Mapping enabled for your user, this can only be done by an engineer.

Your local drive is the Hard disk – usually labelled C drive on the physical computer or device you are connecting to your Managed Desktop from.


Sign into Managed Desktop (

You may have a desktop shortcut to Managed Desktop 2017 or access from your start menu


Double click on this icon on your desktop:


Under the Devices and Drives section, the C Drive for your local computer will be listed.

Double click on C drive to browse data on this device.

Your documents and desktop files etc will be under your user profile so open the users folder then your user profile:

Double click on the folder with your name to open: 


Now you will have access to your local data such as your desktop and documents folder where you may have save files.

Select the file or folders you wish to copy.  Right click on the file/folder and choose copy from the drop down

Browse to the folder where you wish to store the documents, in this example the documents folder.

Right click anywhere in the white space and paste your documents:

A copy progress bar will display.  Depending on the amount of data you are copying it can take a few seconds or a few minutes for your data to upload into your Managed Desktop:

Once complete the files/folders will be in the managed desktop "Documents" folder.


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