There are two types of printers that can be used with Managed Desktop – Local (redirected) Printers, and Work Printers.

Local Printers
Local Printers are automatically mapped through from your local computer you are accessing Managed Desktop from. For example, if you have a Brother printer installed on your home PC, when you sign in to Managed Desktop from that computer, you will see that printer in the list with the word redirected after it. eg: Brother MFC-9460CDN Printer (redirected 2)

Work printers
Work printers are assigned via the Printer Control Panel and connect back to devices that have been configured by the Lucidity Support team. They are generally available anywhere you connect to Managed Desktop and are managed through the Printer Control Panel (see above section).

To set the default printer for your session when using Work Printers, right click on the Printer icon in the system tray and select Set Default Printer…

In the pop up window, select your preferred default printer from the list and then press the Set Default Printer button to make that printer your default.

NOTE: The default printer you choose for your session will generally remap once you log out and in, providing the printer is still available to your session the next time your log in. If you select a WORK Printer that is always available to your session, then the default printer should persist between sessions.

If you choose a local or redirected printer as your default, and then the next time you log in, that printer is not available to your session (i.e.: you chose the default when you were at home to a locally installed printer, and now you are signing on from the office), then your default printer may change and need resetting to your work printer.

If you want to set a LOCAL printer as your default printer, follow the instructions below.

Local Printers that are installed on your local computer are mapped to your Managed Desktop session when you log in. These printers have the word (redirected) after the printer name to show you these printers have been redirected from your local computer.   The list of these printers can change depending on where you access your Managed Desktop session from. For example, you may not even have any local (redirected) printers on your work computer, but if you access Managed Desktop at home, then you may see your home printers come through in the list.

Setting a local printer as a default printer can be an issue as the ID number after the word redirected changes every login, confusing the Windows Default Printer system.  If you need to use a LOCAL printer as your default printer and you want that device to persist as the default between sessions, then you can use a feature Lucidity have added to the system to manage this issue.

Click on the Lucidity Desktop Manager icon in the system tray icon area.

Select the Default Printer tab, and then select your Local Printer you wish to be the default from the drop down list:

Then press the Set Default button.

Select the Enable Default Printer Monitoring option checkbox. This will turn on a process that will check your default every 30 seconds against what's set in the drop down, and force it to update if is wrong: